At BRAIZEN, each sandwich is uniquely designed

At BRAIZEN, each sandwich is uniquely designed, by our chef, to deliver a bold, flavorful, carefully conceptualized combination of braised and roasted meats, quality cheeses, and freshly baked breads served with house made sauces, relishes, and pickles, each complimenting their counterparts.

Slow braised beef, pork and lamb all uniquely cooked in their own sauces and spices. Tender short ribs served with pickled cherry tapenade, juicy burgers paired with exactly the right cheese and accompaniments nestled on Brioche bun. Roasted Porchetta with cracklins, served with hazelnut gremolata and salsa verde. Chicken expertly seasoned and braised, then boldly dressed and finished on a soft rol... A glazed pork belly Banh Mi with the perfect pickles, spicy sauces and, yes, on a French Baguette... Not in the mood for a sandwich? Meats are also offered atop fries, grains or mixed greens, with all of the delicious business piled high.